Thomas Struebler (Vocals)

  Name: Thomas Strübler
  Instrument: Voice
  Place of residence: Salzburg, Austria
  Member since: 2006

Musical background: After trying to be a bassist and realizing that it was not what would make me happy I became the singer – or rather “vocalist” – of what would be my first band (long live Bad Temper!) when I was 13.

At 15 a friend persuaded me to go to a band-casting (yeah – such a thing already existed before “Idol” and “Popstars”) at Rockhouse Salzburg where I was chosen as the singer for a melodical Metal-band named “Unknown Dimension”. That’s also where I got to know Sebastian and Robert. I also started taking singing lessons at that time – something I still do every now and then.

When our ways parted in 2002 I made a virtue out of necessity and concentrated on singing Karaoke and – indeed! - I managed to win the Karaoke World Championships of 2004 in Finnland.

After that I joined a Hard Rock coverband as well as another Metal-band and finally, in 2006, Juvaliant asked me to become their singer. And here I am!

Source of inspiration: our society, history, books, movies

Musical influences: every good singer, Bruce Dickinson for voice and stage performance (incredible fitness!), Eric Adams for voice, Jon Bon Jovi for voice and stage performance, Tobias Sammet for voice and stage performance, Robbie Williams for professionalism of performance

Hobbies: well…singing! Music in general, reading, sports, cinema

Equipment: Sennheiser Wireless (ew100 G2)