Sebastian Lanser (Drums)

  Name: Sebastian Lanser
  Instrument: Drums
  Place of residence: Salzburg, Austria
  Member since: 2006 (original member)

Musical background: If i remember correctly, everything started at Christmas Eve 1987 when i first got some "bongos" and a pair of sticks from my parents.
Christmas was over and I didn’t stop playing my beloved "bongos". Like a lunatic I hit them the whole day long till after some time my parents bought me a five piece drum-kit.
From that day on, playing drums became my real passion.

I was raised in a musical family. My father took me to rehearsals and gigs of his band where i eagerly studied the drummers chops and movements.
At the age of eight I got private lessons and I started playing the piano as well.

A few years later I joined several bands (in all different kinds of music-styles) and practised about six hours per day with the perspective to become a professional musician one day.
No sooner said than done i studied music at the "Anton Bruckner Private University" (Linz/Austria) where i got
my degree as a drummer in 2006.

Apart from composing, practising and investing in "Juvaliant" I had/have the chance to gain experience by performing and recording with well known bands like "Panzerballett", "Martin Grubinger" or "Edenbridge".

Source of inspiration / Musical influences:
Mike Mangini, Virgil Donati, Vinnie Colaiuta, Derek Roddy etc., Film Score Music, John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Mikko P. Mustonen, Myspace, Periphery, Jan Zehrfeld, Finnish and Swedish Metalbands like Nightwish, Meshuggah etc..

Drums, Keyboards, Mountainbike, Composing and Recording

Tama, Meinl, Agner Drumsticks