Robert Schoenleitner (Guitars)

  Name: Robert Schönleitner
  Instrument: Guitars
  Date of Birth: 05.01.1976
  Place of residence: Salzburg, Austria
  Member since: 2003 (original member)

Musical background: I was about 12 as I recovered an old Western guitar from my father. It had not been in use for more than 20 years and sounded like that. After strumming around for a while a friend of my parents showed me my first chords. Because of my enthusiasm for this instrument my parents gave me ten guitar lessons to my 14th birthday at a local teacher. I remember, one of the first things I wanted to learn was the intro of Dire Straits’ “Money for Nothing”, and I realized pretty fast that I need something else to get this kind of sound (apart from practicing a lot;)

So shortly after that, I bought my first electric guitar and an amp with the most brilliant invention ever…a distortion!!! And two years and five self-instructional books later we formed our first band called “Tired and Red” where we mostly played cover songs and performed at parties and proms.

In 1998 a friend of mine made a contact to a local Melodic Metal band called “Unknown Dimension”. They were searching for a guitar player and so I got an audition. This was the first time I met Thomas and Sebastian and what followed were a bunch of concerts, our first album recording and a creative relationship with these guys up to this day.

I always tried to progress and to raise my technical and harmonic skills, that´s why I began to study at the “Munich Guitar Institute” where I graduated in 2004.

Furthermore, I joined different bands and projects over the last 10 years, amongst others Italy’s Progressive Metal band “Asgard” and the Austrian Symphonic Metal band “Edenbridge”.

Musical influences
: from traditional Heavy Metal, Prog-, Power-, Neo-classical-Metal up to Thrash and Metalcore. In addition to that many Rock, Fusion and Metal guitar players.

: reading, sport climbing, movies & documentaries

: Ibanez Guitars, Line 6 PODxt Pro, Mesa Boogie 2:Fifty, Marshall Cabinets