Aleksandar Vesic (Bass)

  Name: Aleksandar Vešic
  Instrument: Bass
  Place of residence: Varaždin, Croatia
  Member since: 2006

Musical background: As for education – I finished Bruckner University in Linz Austria with Jazz e-bass major. I listen and try to play a lot of different stuff (heavy music but also world music, jazz, pop, fusion, funk and so on…) – I consider music to be a way of creating various feelings and different styles create different feelings… I try to understand these feelings and develop tools I can use to create them.

Source of inspiration: My daughter Neva

Musical influences: Etienne Mbappe, Anthony Jackson, Trilok Gurtu, native songs from Medjimurje (part of Croatia…)… Hobbies: Bicycle riding, reading, movies...

Equipment: Music Man Stingray 5, Human the Base 6-string, Aries fretless 6-string, Glockenklang soul combo, Pevey TNT combo, Roland V-bass synthesiser